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 E.A.C.C.  Club Brochure  Just Print & Fold and keep a few in your glove box


FRONT -- Print

INSIDE -- Print


New -- You can now print  E.A.C.C. Club Brochures from your own computer . These brochures are the double-sided Tri-Fold style which are convenient to display on tables , counters , etc.  Always keep a few in your glove box to hand out to those new Vette owners . 

Printing  Instructions --  First  remember to turn on your PRINTER and load paper. . . next click the Blue Button above to print the FRONT of the brochure . . . A new screen will open in PDF format that contains the FRONT page . . . Select the PRINT function and follow normal procedures for printing a PDF document .

Once the FRONT page has printed -- FLIP the paper over and prepare to print on the blank back of paper . Reload paper into your Printer's Paper Tray to print the INSIDE of the brochure .

Go back to the EACC BROCHURE Web Page and click on the Blue Button to print the INSIDE page . Repeat procedure as you did for printing the Front Page . . .  Once you have BOTH sides of the paper printed , then you can go ahead and FOLD the Brochure .

Folding  Instructions -- Lay the printed paper sheet on a clean ,flat surface with the INSIDE of brochure facing UP . . . You will now fold the paper from Right to Left . . . Take the right hand edge of the paper with the membership application and fold over . ( There are  "Gray Folding Dots" located on the top and bottom near the left-hand edge of the 3 center photos ) . Line up the edge of the fold to the dots , Press down firmly and MAKE THE FOLD .

If done correctly , you will see the "About Us " section visible on the left and the "Corvette Fever " section visible on the right .

Now all you need to do is to fold the "About Us " section from left to right covering the "Corvette Fever " section .

Now you're DONE !

Helpful Hints -- Try to use a heavier weight paper than the standard 20 lb. computer paper so the inside print doesn't show thru to the outside .  28 lb. or heavier is needed for the best results - ( available at Staples, Office Max ,Wal-Mart , etc) .

~   When making the FOLDS -- you will obtain a crisper fold edge if you use something like a roll of pennies to press down to do the folding . If you use your hand , the fold edge may be uneven .

~   To locate the "Gray Folding Dots" -- Look up at the INSIDE sample on the top of this webpage -- there are 2 circles that have been enlarged to show you the correct location .

~   Every printer is different  , if the tri-fold sections don't line up properly for you , then your "printer margins " need to be reset on your printer . But , additional brochures should be available from any club officer or available at EACC Meetings and Events throughout the year .


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